Gemstone Energy: Where Does It Originate and Why?

Gemstone Energy

A short post today on gemstone energy to help you understand the whys and wherefores of energetic gemstone and minerals:

On a fundamental level, everything in our material world is comprised of constantly oscillating fields of energy and vibration. The desk, the walls, your body – all are just dense, slowed down waveforms of fundamental energetic particles and forces. Even “solid” matter is mostly empty space!

So it’s no woo-woo mystical concept that objects have their own unique energetic signatures and vibrations. Metals, plants, even our thoughts and emotions all generate subtle but measurable frequencies that science is just beginning to quantify. 

What gives gemstones and minerals their power is their stable crystalline structure formed over millions of years of heat and pressure underground. This geometric perfection provides an ideal resonator for amplifying, storing and transferring the gemstone energy in precisely calibrated waveforms.  

Different types of gems vibrate at different frequencies too, due to variations in their molecular structure and chemical composition. An emerald’s gemstone energy will feel distinct compared to that of a ruby or sapphire. But generally, most crystals oscillate at very high frequencies that raise our typical human vibration when we’re in their field. 

When we attune and resonate with a gem’s purified energy signature, it activates a literal frequency harmonization process on a quantum level. Our dissonant human energies realign to that more stable, optimized crystal oscillation through induction. This bombards areas of energy stagnation with fresh life force to unblock stuck prana and rebalance our overall system.


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